Sexual Abuse

Where there is a dynamic of control and abuse in an intimate relationship, the likelihood of sexual coercion and abuse is high. It is harder for women who are being abused by their partner to negotiate a free and equal sexual relationship with that partner.

It includes:

• Making you feel guilty for not having sex

• Using force, threats, or intimidation to make you perform sexual acts

• Withholding contraception or controlling your access to it

• Making you watch pornography or forcing you to participate in the making of it

• Being raped

• Sharing, or threatening to share, intimate images online or with friends, family or colleagues



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Violence against women is unacceptable!

We value all the help and support that we receive from organisations and individuals, and your financial support, whatever the amount, will help us to help those suffering domestic abuse. We all believe that violence against women is unacceptable.
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