Financial Abuse

This is a form of domestic violence in which the abuser uses money as a means of controlling his partner. It is a tactic that abusers use to gain power and dominance over their partners and is designed to isolate a woman into a state of complete financial dependence. By controlling the woman's access to financial resources, the abuser ensures that she will be prevented from leaving.

It can involve:

• The abuser controlling all household / family finances

• Taking all of the woman's bank cards and emptying joint accounts

• Women's signatures being forged on cheques

• Having to account for all purchases including providing receipts and account for all spending

• Denying you access to your bank account or shared bank accounts

• Sabotaging your work or preventing you from attending work (example: hiding your car keys)

• Withholding money for food, household or personal items

• Not paying bills, rent or the mortgage and allowing arrears to build up

• Non-payment or erratic payment of child maintenance.




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Violence against women is unacceptable!

We value all the help and support that we receive from organisations and individuals, and your financial support, whatever the amount, will help us to help those suffering domestic abuse. We all believe that violence against women is unacceptable.
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